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Guided tour in Lyckorna
Villa Sjötorp is situated in an area within Ljungskile called Lyckorna. This old spa resort was built between 1880 and 1910 and most of the houses, including Villa Sjötorp, are from that period. Inger Dejke will take your group for a walk and tell stories about the houses, people and the spa resort years.
Duration: 2 hours
Max 20 participants

Price: SEK 2000 per group
Inger Dejke i förra seklets kläder pekar på några gamla hus.
Fun and serious business with the juggling chef
Mattias Jönsson works as a chef at Villa Sjötorp. He is also one of the leading jugglers in Northern Europe. Mattias holds a workshop for your group in the most common juggling techniques.
Duration: 2 hours
Max 10 participants

Price per group
SEK 3800
Kocken Mattias jonglerar med kastruller i köket.
Sea kayaking
Paddling is a great way to experience nature. You get to experience the archipelago and it’s easier than you think. Everyone can paddle a kayak.
Right below Villa Sjötorp the kayaks are waiting on the beach, ready to be launched. The Ljungskileviken bay has calm and beautiful waters for kayaking. We glide in narrow passages between rocky islets and learn the basics of kayak paddling. Somewhere along the way we will step on the shore and have a coffee break.
The tour includes instructions, guidance and necessary equipment.
Duration: minimum three hours, preferably longer
Max 15 participants

SEK 900 / person
Minimum fee SEK 9000
Kajakpaddlare i full fart med ö i bakgrunden.
Rock climbing
Experience the feeling of managing more than you thought was possible –grapple with the Bohuslän granite. One of Sweden’s best beginner cliffs is only a ten-minute ride from Villa Sjötorp. In beautiful nature with a magnificent view you will learn how to climb. Thrills, adrenaline and a great nature experience.
Experienced instructors and necessary equipment are included in the price.
Duration: At least two hours, preferably three
Max 12 participants

SEK 800 / participant
Minimum fee SEK 8000

Bergvägg med klättrare.
Mountain biking
Before you try it out, you may not understand how fun it is to ride a mountain bike. The 24 gears will help us pedal where you used to think you only could walk. To experience the beautiful nature around Lyckorna and Sparrevikrn on a bike is a perfect break from sitting still in a meeting.
The price includes experienced instructors, a 21/24-speed mountain bike with front suspension and a helmet.
Duration: minimum 2 hours, preferably 3.
Max 12 participants

SEK 800 per participant
Minimum fee SEK 8000
Cyklist på mountainbike på en stig i skogen.
GPS Orienteering – a treasure hunt with problem solving
We might as well have called GPS-orienteering “treasure hunting”. In a team. With problem solving. Because that’s what it is, actually. Your team will figure out clues, solve rebuses, look for signposts and keys that will lead you to the gold bar. The team that arrives first wins. It requires that you process information, delegate tasks and co-operate in a clever way. Our GPS orienteering is a perfect activity that everyone can be part of, for groups that have limited time. We move in the beautiful surroundings around Lyckorna.
Duration 1,5-2 hours.
Minimum 10 participants

SEK 495 + VAT
Minimum fee SEK 4000
Hand som håller en GPS-mottagare med havsvik i bakgrunden.
Mussel hunting – team building
Go hunting for the Bohuslän gold – mussels. A team competition where your co-operation, courage, condition, technique and problem solving skills are put to test. Steer your team from one fun activity to another, where you collect clues to break the codes that will lead you to the sought-after mussels.
Duration: 2,5-3 hours.
Minimum 10 participants

SEK 8 000 (10–14 participants)
SEK 12 000 (15–21 participants)
Fyra personer i yngre medelåldern i trygghetsövning utomhus.
Presentation: Out biking
To ride your bike is to travel without any filters. With all your senses. Follow us on a trip around the globe, on a 26-million stroke long, entertaining, inspiring and question-raising talk about passion, life and the planet we live on.
Time: about one hour.Cyklist på lång och rak asfalterad väg. Cykelväskor.
Presentation: White patches
Without a lift the pleasure is greater, the views more beautiful and the snow fluffier. Book a presentation about skiing experiences that are greater than what prepared ski pistes can offer, in places that travel catalogues don’t write about. White patches.
Duration: approximately one hour

Price : SEK 10 000
Entertainment with general as well as more specialized and thematic questions. All participants quickly get interested and engaged, which creates an air of co-operation, fun and relaxation. With or without music, possibly with taste tests.
Price: SEK 5800 for the whole group up to 30 persons
Champagne, Wine, Whisky or Chocolate Tasting
We talk about and taste these noble beverages, or just the chocolate. In an inspiring way we will come closer to their core. Unique experiences can happen and all questions are welcome.
Price for guidance SEK 3800, plus restaurant listed prices for champagne, wine, whiskey, chocolate.Närbild på ett par vinglas.


Ni missar väl inte ALLA HJÄRTANS DAG på Sjötorp - se vårt erbjudande...
Ni missar väl inte ALLA HJÄRTANS DAG på Sjötorp - se vårt erbjudande...
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Just nu har lite tekniska problem (supporten jobbar på att