Svartvitt foto från början av 1900-talet. Huset omgivet av tallar.

Photo from the beginning of the 20th century.

Villa Sjötorp was built as a summer residence for Emil Haeger, the owner of the paper mill in Lilla Edet. The building, which was ready for occupancy in 1901, was constructed in parts at the woodwork plant in Lilla Edet and transported on barges along waterways via Gothenburg to Lyckorna.

“Lyckorna Bath and Sea Institute” was set up in 1877 and housed prominent guests like Victor Hasselblad and King Oscar. In the late 1930s cash was needed at the paper mill to acquire the machine that still makes soft toilet paper in Lilla Edet today. And so Villa Sjötorp was sold. “Kalle from the shipyard” and his wife Mrs Nilsson started a boarding house which later was taken over by Mrs Zachau. During the war there were up to a hundred full-board guests living at Sjötorp as well as in rented cottages in the area.

Olle Haegers innovative ideas with the soft crepe paper turned out to be very successful and he was able to regain his beloved Villa Sjötorp. In the summers, business dinners were held in the house and some family members were staying there during the holidays. The beach below the villa was made available to Lilla Edet residents and beach buses ran free of charge on the road out to Lyckorna.

“Lilla Edet Resident of the Century,” Olle Haeger, passed away in 1964 and a few years later the family decided to sell the paper mill. Sjötorp was part of the deal. Many years later, on the 2nd of May 1995, Olles granddaughter Ellika Mogenfelt was able to acquire Sjötorp and realize the vision of “Villa Sjötorp – A house by the sea”; today a four-star hotel with a renowned restaurant and high requirements for sustainability towards its suppliers.

Ellika Mogenfelt vid terassen.

Ellika Mogenfelt owns and runs Villa Sjötorp.

Byggnaden med framträdande snickarglädje.

The architecture has not changed, but the restaurant and the rooms match today’s desire for comfort.

Ovalt porträtt av Emil Haeger. Förgylld ram.

A portrait of Emil Haeger, the first owner of the villa, is hanging on the wall of the secondary dining room.



Svartvit bild från början av 1900-talet                 Tvåsidigt presentkort. Formulärsida till vänster. Till höger bild på VillaSjötorp                

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