Två ringar ovanpå en bukett liljekonvaljer.   Wedding at Villa Sjötorp    Två ringar ovanpå enbukett med vinröda och gula blommor.

Spring and early summer weddings 2017

(for parties of 28 persons or more)

Blue mussle soup from Bohuslän with deep fried sourdough and fresh dill
Ethically fished cod loin, baked in oven with butter fried root celery, smooth puree and young tender spring vegetables, golden browned butter and fresh cress
Strawberry mousse with fried sponge cake, sorbet and mint granite

Två guldringar ovanpå en bukett liljekonvaljer.

Lemon fried asparagus with vendace roe on crispy rye bread and homemade sourcream
Apple braised capon from Mowitz farm with oven baked beets, foamy estragon and apple gravy and lightly boiled young spring vegetables
Fried rhubarb with mousse and meringue

Två guldringar ovanpå en bukett liljekonvaljer.

Goat cheese brulée from Dalsland with honey sorbet
Carefully selected pieces of lamb fried in thyme with puree from Jerusalem artichokes, wild leek crème, fresh spring vegetables and lightly smoked garlic gravy
White chocolate sorbet with salted almonds and baked dark chocolate

Late summer and autumn weddings 2017

(for parties of 28 persons and more)

Cured beef fillet with herb dressing, beetroot crudité and shoots from Austad farm
Ethically fished cod loin with foamy grayfish sauce, cauliflower baked in butter and spinach
Blackcurrant parfait with baked chocolate and raspberry curd

Två guldringar ovanpå en bukett röda och gula blommor.

Lobster from Bohuslän with savoy cabbage and crisp croquettes and foamy crayfish sauce
Cockerel from Mowitz with mushrooms and dinkelotto, buttered autumn vegetables and crispy Swedish apples
Raspberry pannacotta and sorrel mousse with sourcream sorbet and dried berries

Två guldringar ovanpå en bukett röda och gula blommor.

Lightly cured trout with crayfish mayonnaise, fennel crudité and clipped dill
Whole roasted beef from Gröna Gårdar, organic and grass fed, with truffle potato puree, grilled cabbage, warm bean salad and roasted onion gravy
Baked apple, donuts with plum filling, tart sauce, butter fried hazelnuts and sour cream icecream

Brudgumman hjälper bruden att sätta sig i gungan. Svartvit bild.

  • Sparkling wine before dinner from SEK 498 per bottle
  • Small appetizer to the toast SEK 98 / person
  • Menu SEK 598/person
  • Wine, red/white from SEK 398/bottle
  • Sweet wine to the dessert from SEK 85/glass
  • Wedding cake SEK 98
  • “Avec” from SEK 80/4cl
  • Coffee/tea SEK 35
  • = ca SEK 1295/person / menu

Festdukat bord i stora matsalen.

Warm welcome
to book your wedding celebration at Villa Sjötorp. In our dining room we set a table for up to 50 guests in traditional wedding seating. When you make a reservation you also commit to booking all of our 14 hotel rooms at a total price of SEK 25 172 on Saturdays. The cost can vary on other weekdays. A non-refundable deposit of SEK 10 000 is debited together with a final reservation. Our bar and dining room are open for dance and celebration until midnight.



Ellika Mogenfelt i vit klänning sitter i trädgården.

Kind regards

Ellikas signatur.

Ellika Mogenfelt



Svartvit bild från början av 1900-talet                 Tvåsidigt presentkort. Formulärsida till vänster. Till höger bild på VillaSjötorp                

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