"Koster" a traditional Swedish boat. West Sweden map Collage of a lot of acitivities.


Villa Sjötorp offers a wide range of exciting
and interesting adventures in and around Bohuslän.


  • Liseberg Amusement Park
    An amusement park situated in Gothenburg, 65 km south of Villa Sjötorp.
    Liseberg is the largest of its kind in Scandinavia, with roller-coasters, rides and a wide range of similar attractions. The Park also has a selection of restaurants and venues for shows and musical performances.
    Link to Liseberg: www.liseberg.se

  • Universeum
    Universeum is Scandinavia’s largest Science Centre, located in Gothenburg, approx. 65 km south of Villa Sjötorp.
    At the Universeum you can experience everything from the depths of the ocean to the warm humidity of the rainforest to the endless infinity of outer space. You can also challenge your super smart brains, solve criminal cases and much, much more.
    Link to Universeum: www.universeum.se

  • Saltwater Aquarium in Lysekil (Havets Hus)
    The Saltwater Aquarium is located 45 km from Villa Sjötorp.
    The Aquarium has over a hundred fascinating species of marine life – from the small-spotted catshark (also known as the lesser spotted dogfish) to dead man’s fingers (alcyonium digitatum). All species that are native to, or temporarily visit the North Sea.
    Link to Havets Hus: www.havetshus.lysekil.se

  • Norden's Ark
    Norden's Ark is situated close to Hunnebostrand, 51 km from Villa Sjötorp.
    Here you can find some of the Nordic region’s endangered wildlife: mammals, birds, reptiles and insects, as well as other exotic endangered species including tropical reptiles and amphibians and some older native Nordic breeds.
    Link to Norden’s Ark: www.nordensark.se


  • Nordic Watercolour Museum (Nordiska Akvarellmuseet)
    The Nordic Watercolour Museum is situated in Skärhamn on the island of Tjörn, 46 km from Villa Sjötorp.
    On exhibit at the Museum are the works of leading contemporary international watercolourists as well as more classical watercolours. The Museum acts as a forum for art, nature and people. The assembly hall stages a rich variety of cultural activities: music, dance, theatrical performances and lectures. The building also houses a restaurant.
    Link to Nordiska Akvarellmuseet: www.akvarellmuseet.org

  • Pilane
    Pilane lies on the island of Tjörn, 46 km from Villa Sjötorp
    Pilane is undoubtedly one of Sweden’s most beautifully situated burial grounds with about 90 or so judgement stones, standing stones and stone circles from the Iron Age, in a setting of ancient cultural landscape with traces of the Stone Age. The burial grounds provide an incredible combined experience of nature and art, with large sculptures by leading international artists. At the base of the impressive works of art and amid the visitors, sheep can be seen grazing peacefully. There is a café in the immediate vicinity.
    Link to Pilane: www.pilane.org

  • Bohuslän museum
    The Museum is located in Uddevalla, 24 km from Villa Sjötorp.
    This is a regional museum that documents, preserves and provides a narrative of Bohuslän’s natural and cultural heritage. The building is by the harbour and also houses an art gallery, a shop and a restaurant specialising in the region’s culinary traditions.
    Link to Bohuslän's museum: www.bohuslansmuseum.se

  • Shell banks (Skalbankarna)
    Just east of Uddevalla are some huge and very unique shell banks which were formed about 11000 years ago when the inland ice melted. At that time conditions were suited to life in water which is why there are these banks composed of the remains of different species of crustaceans. The shell banks in Uddevalla are the largest of their kind in the world and have become a major tourist attraction.
    Link to Skalbankarna (in Swedish)

  • Rock carvings at Vitlycke (Hällristningarna)
    This UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in Tanum, 69 km from Villa Sjötorp.
    Here you will find exhibitions, a reconstructed Bronze Age farm, slide shows, a shop and a café/restaurant. Vitlycke stone slab extends over 22 m and is one of the nation’s largest. It is also probably the world’s most famous individual set of rock carvings, and the most widely visited. 
    Link to Vitlycke museum: www.vitlyckemuseum.se


  • Walking and hiking
    The area around Villa Sjötorp offers excellent opportunities for short or long walks; anything from 15 minutes to 2 hours.
       Or what about a whole day in the northern alpine region known as Norra Fjället, with one of our popular picnic baskets (chicken salad, cheese sandwiches, cider, some fruit, tea/coffee and a bit of chocolate, 148 SEK per person).
    The mountains, situated about 7 km east of Ljungskile, are forested and interspersed with small picturesque lakes and hiking trails of varying lengths.
    Link to Norra Fjället: www.ljungskilefk.se/norra_fjallet.htm
    (in Swedish)

  • Archipelago boats
    The archipelago boats at Uddevalla’s South Harbour are reminiscent of bygone days of regular communication by passenger boats up and down the Bohus coast. M/S Gustafsberg drops anchor at Lyckorna’s steamboat quay, one kilometre from Villa Sjötorp, every day -, except Saturdays - from 2 July to19 August. Timetables can be accessed via the link below. We would be happy to send along one of our popular picnic baskets (chicken salad, cheese sandwiches, cider, some fruit, tea/coffee and a bit of chocolate, 148 SEK per person.
    Link to Skärgårdsbåtarna: www.skargardsbatarna.com
    (in Swedish)

  • Canoes, rowing boats, bicycles
    We have two kayaks for rent as well as one small rowboat and life jackets to fit all sizes. For those who prefer to stay on land, we also have rental bicycles.


  • Magnus Larsson, an accredited masseur, qualified massage therapist and state-registered nurse is our resident masseur. By appointment, he will provide expert and invigorating therapeutic treatment.

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Berg- och dalbana, Liseberg
Rollercoaster Balder, Liseberg.
Photo from Liseberg.

Ful fisk på Havets Hus.
Catfish in Havets Hus, Lysekil.

Amurleopard. Photo:
TomSvensson, Nordens Ark

Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, Tjörn.

Stenskulptur på Pilane
Stone scupture in Pilane, Tjörn.

Utställning i Bohusläns museum
Exhibition in Bohusläns
museum, Uddevalla.

Hällristningar vid Vitlycke
Rock carvings of Tanum.

Sjö på Bredfjället
Lake at Bredfjället, Ljungskile
–walking trails too.

Båten Gustafsberg II
The archipelago boats start at Uddevalla, but you can embark at Lyckorna too.

Villa Sjötorp has two kayaks
to rent.

Klocktornet på Lyckorna
Klocktornet at Lyckorna.
here starts the Mussel Safari.

Magnus Larsson, Masseur.
Magnus Larsson,
qualified massage therapist.

GUEST REVIEWS Kvinna vid matbord
Vågsvall vid stenig strand.
Rodd på viken
Bild från början av 1900-talet
Karta Bohuslän

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