Midsummer’s eve

22 juni-18 pm 7

Egg, herring, bread


Potatoe, chives, cream, mackerel


Lamb, onion, parsley, peas, sherry


Cheese, rhubarb


Strawberry, honey, ice cream, chervil

We work with local and small scale producers, so minor changes in the menu can occur

SEK 698 per person

Wine pairing to accompany the menu:

A carefully chosen glass of wine to each course SEK 598


a non-alcoholic pairing based on fruit and berries SEK 268

For the youngest ones:

*Small pancakes with jam SEK 68

For kids up to twelve y/o:
*Mackerel, vegetables, potatoes  SEK 98

*Lamb, vegetables, potatoes SEK 98

*Ice cream SEK 48

Allergic? Just ask us!